Biosa® is a Canadian 'bacteria technology'company specializing in the production and use of beneficial micro-organisms suspended in proprietary solutions. For the past decade we have been building on our previous work in Europe and refining it for the North American market.

Our products promote healthy: soils, vegetation, animals, water and humans - and are sold via direct sales and distribution agreements

Terra Biosa

Terra Biosa is our agricultural product - an organic fermented solution of herbs, natural sugars, and live microbes. All ingredients are compliant with the US GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) List.

Terra Biosa increases the microbial activity in the upper soil so that any available organic matter is converted to plant soluble nutrients and enzymes. Not only does this process create nutrients that were previously unavailable to the vegetation- it also takes away the food source for pathogen activities, thereby naturally keeping them at bay.

Biosa family members

Vita Biosa - for humans

Vita Biosa is our Probiotic drink for Humans. High on'Triple A" antioxidant, Vita Biosa is an outstanding antioxidantive drink.

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Biosa ASU

C.G. Nilsson, former senior physician at the Huddinge hospital, thinks there have to be alternatives without side effects for the treatment of joint disorders. And I believe one should start with this medium that doesn't show any side effects. The product C. G. Nilsson is talking about is a mixture of avocado and soybeans. It is purely vegetarian and can hence be taken by vegetarians and vegans and by everybody who dismisses the consumption of animal or synthetic products for certain reasons.

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Dr. Biosa's Pet Spray

Dr Biosa’s Pet Spray is a completely safe and natural way to effectively deal with the inconveniences of pet ownership. Just spray it on!

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