Golf Courses and Terra Biosa®


The Golf Course Problem

By its very nature - golf - creates a very unnatural situation.

The requirement of cropped fairways and manicured greens leads to a build up of organic matter and keeps the grass (and soil) stressed as it is not allowed to complete its natural life cycle. This leads to a multitude of problems including 'Brown Patch' (Rhizoctona spices) and 'Take-all Patch' (gaeumannomyces graminis). And these lead to an even bigger problem - an unappealing course with dead and dying grass.

After all, no one wants to put on a 'brown'.


The Golf Course Solution

Terra Biosa can address these problems both effectively and economically. By applying twice a year (more frequently in places of extreme weather) the microbial count of any soil can be increased to beneficial levels, which will in turn:

  • 1. Quickly breakdown organic matter into plant soluble nutrients
  • 2. Stimulate the root system of the grass by supporting the development of secondary and tertiary roots
  • 3. Loosen the soil structure, allowing the root system to go deeper, while encouraging grass health and a vibrant green colour.
  • 4. Remove the food source of pathogens and create a hostile environment for their development
  • 5. Decrease the need for agro-chemicals

All of which will promote healthier greens and fairways that will naturally suppress any fugal outbreak.

Terra Biosa saves time, money, and embarrassment

The cost of Terra Biosa can be directly offset by a substantial reduction in chemical fertilizers and by the reduction or elimination of fungicides, herbicides, and pesticides. It is easily applied with spraying equipment or can be injected into an irrigation system - and the antioxidants in Terra Biosa even help to prevent rust on equipment.

Say good-bye to the embarrassment of turf problems and take pride in links that are lush, green, and natural - with the help of Terra Biosa. Customer Service

At Biosa, we are committed to empowering our customers with natural effective products, specific information on their use, and a 24/7 customer support. We look forward to a more detailed discussion of your specific requirements.

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Heron Creek, Florida. Aligator on the Golf Course